Electrowinning Mesh

What is Electrowinning Mesh?

Electrowinning Mesh, also known as Knitted Stainless Steel Mesh, is a porous blanket of knitted and layered stainless steel wire that is used in Electrowinning Cells.

- Can be installed in new or existing Electrowinning Cells
- Can be fabricated to fit all cathodes
- Can be reused by merely washing off the precious metal while on the cathode

Experts in the Precious Metals Industry say that knitted stainless steel mesh will last as long as 20 months before replacement is necessary.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Mesh:

  • Dramatic reduction in slag
    reduced slag loss, improved precious metal recovery and smaller melting furnace required
  • Knitted stainless steel mesh will last up to approximately 20 months
  • Flux costs reduced
  • Furnace Liner life extended
  • Dramatic labour savings 
    easy to install, installed only once over the lifetime of the Knitted Mesh as well as no drying or meltdown
  • Dimensionally stable 
    does not sag after a few hours of use
  • Consistent wire dimension 
    provides excellent solution flow over large surface areas
  • Eliminates wire in bottom of cell
  • Clean Handling-Operator performance
    no steel wool type ends and no environmental hazards
  • Low carbon content steel wool costs eliminated
Electrowinning mesh product details

Advantages over stainless steel wool:

Savings on labour as well as longer lasting. Consistent wire dimension allows better wash results and eliminates loose wire in the bottom of the cell. Cleaner handling with operator performance (no steel wool type ends and no environmental hazards). Dimensionally more stable.